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Conference & Retreat Center


Light of Africa has begun development of a Conference and Retreat Center.


The undertaking has three purposes.  


  1. A multi-purpose Classroom and Office/Reading Library.  It will be used for on-going Bible classes, seminars, and other ministry related activities.

  2. Camp TRUST will provide a challenging and adventurous experiential learning program for individuals to learn Bible truths, effective decision making skills, leadership skills, accomplish personal and team/family goals (e.g. unity, respect, self-awareness, etc.), and promote Christian values and character development.

  3. A protected area for local/indigenous pastors and lay leaders to pray and fast with the purpose of growing closer to God.  



YOU can make a difference….

  • Donate towards the development.

  • Volunteer to help build.

  • Volunteer to facilitate running low ropes course and team building activities.

  • Pray for those facilitating and for whose who attend the camp to grow their relationship with God.




Progress Update

Ground breaking for Phase I of the Conference Center and Camp TRUST.  



Arthur Pienaar has begun digging the foundation for Multi-Purpose Room this month.  Once the foundation has been poured and has cured, wall blocks will be made and used to build the walls. This phase is expected to be completed by July 2015.  The toilet and shower facility (ablution block) for the center will be in the next building phase.  Seeing this long-standing vision become a reality is thrilling.


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