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Discipleship Training
Discipleship Training


Light of Africa uses The Life of Christ series as its main curriculum.  It is a linear study of the gospel of Matthew. These programmed instruction books constitute a complete introduction to basic practical ministry skills, biblical geography, basic doctrines, and Bible study methods. It is a holistic approach to church leadership training, presenting things in an easy-to-remember form.   This course takes approximately 2-3 yrs. to complete.


Other ministry tools and curriculum include phonics, literacy, children’s Bible lessons, hygiene, water safety, first aid, child growth and development, gardening, sewing skills, hand-made crafts, bio-sand filters for clean water and other materials that are developed as needed.


One of the best tools for teaching leadership is The Million Leader Mandate by John Maxwell.  This is a 6 book series with Biblically based leadership lessons.  LOA offers programs that are pre-made or can design programs to suit the needs of the church.


Janet is also available as an Educational Consultant for Bible based schools and preschools.  She presently is on a team with another organization doing teacher training and writing the bible and Hygiene lessons for preschool curriculum used in the rural area.


Seminars, conferences and other short term trainings are available to local churches.  Guest speakers from the USA and other affiliated organizations also lead conferences and seminars on specific topics such as Kingdom Principles, Finance, etc.

Runners for Africa
Runners for Africa


Runners for Africa was founded by Mike and Karen Davis in memory of thier only precious child, Rachel Davis.  Rachel volunteered with a team from Oral Roberts University during the summer of 2007.  She was in a fatal car accident the following fall.  Her love for God, the children and youth of Zambia, and for missions continues to be reflected as Runners for Africa partners with Light of Africa via donations of clothing, hygiene, and shoes for the orphaned and vulnerable children in the the Southern Province of Zambia.  


To date this organization has clothed and shoed over 1000 children, sponsored a play area for a Livingstone orphanage, and are faithful prayer supporters for Light of Africa.  


For contact information regarding this worthy 501c3 non-profit organization, please click on the Links page of this website.

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