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Missionary Jake Schwertfeger with Overland Missions

24 September 2010

“I am a missionary in Zambia, Africa with Overland Missions.  Recently we held a conference where Butch Berner taught the power evangelism course through Elijah Challenge.  The indigenous men and women of the chitonga tribe received the teaching with enthusiasm and expectation.  After the teaching, we took our men out for a two day outreach in a neglected area of the Nyawa chiefdom called Chili.  We first encountered one of the more powerful witch doctors in the area and took a time to share the word of God with him and his five wives and various patients who lived on his property.


 The Zambian men and women who attended the Elijah Challenge training were asked to pray for the various patients and every one of them were healed.  Our men weren’t asking, they were declaring…they were commanding.  It was a beautiful sight.  The witch doctor gave his life to Jesus Christ along with the rest of his household.  The next morning we held a large meeting and had over 60 testimonies of people being healed of blindness, pains throughout the body, demonic strongholds, etc.  Every person we prayed for testified of being healed.  This pattern has continued as the norm for an entire month of ministry through over 20 villages representing thousands of people.”


Butch Berner, Founder of Light of Africa

14 July 2010

Hello William and Lucille!! Thanks for the opportunity to share what The Elijah Challenge has meant to us.


When I first met y’all, I had been crying out to God for something more. I was discipling some local pastors and church leaders in town and pastors in the village. I taught them the Word as I understood it. It was fine but I knew there was more.


I was bound by denominational traditions and teachings. It was not bad or error, it was just restricting and blinding me to some of what the Bible teaches. We had church but not much power or excitement in the meetings. We prayed for people without expecting or seeing much change. One day, while I was teaching passages from Luke 9 and 10, I looked at the pastors and asked if this was happening in their churches. They all said NO. I told them I didn’t see it either.


I went home very discouraged. Ii knew I was the problem but had no solution. I cried out to God and asked Him to help show me the answer. Two weeks later I met William and Lucille Lau. When they shared their ministry and The Elijah Challenge teaching, I knew God had answered my prayer. After learning TEC’s teachings and the authority I have as a believer in Christ my hope was restored.

I now see the miraculous often and teach others to do miracle evangelism. When I visit a church or village and use the authority to heal someone, the people come to listen and receive. The blind see and the lame walk. I have had those I taught raise people out of wheelchairs and heal blind eyes. I have seen churches that choose to use The Elijah Challenge evangelism, double and triple in (attendance) in 6 months. Pastors who use TEC get visits in the night by people from other churches and cults asking to be healed. Some receive Jesus after their healing or deliverance.


I have been asked to go to churches in other countries to teach them their authority using TEC. When God comes to confirm His word, people respond. I had 2 ladies that walked 20 kilometers to attend a meeting to receive healing and God healed them from years of pain. Some churches form miracle evangelism teams while others have started healing services where anyone can come. A few have done nothing and it dies.


Every church that has practiced the EC method has initially grown and continues to growing.


I was teaching TEC in a rural village in Burkina Faso recently. When the pastor realized it worked and he was being used by God to heal people, he said,”I never believed or expected anything like this!” People were being delivered and others were healed. PTL!

Thank you so much for teaching me!"

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