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Other Christian Ministry


Light of Africa, in partnership with Overland Missions, will soon be doing a vitamin distribution to the rural areas in the Sekute kingdom.  Vitamins that were donated for use by children, pregnant or lactating mothers, aging adults, and all others, will be given in a three month supply.  This is in effort to bring about a healthier immunity to those in rural communities.  We are grateful to God and to OM for sharaing thier donation of vitamins with a very needy group of people. 


Phonics, Sunday School teach training, curriculum development, educational consulting and other support is offered by Light of Africa to the local Christian churches and other Christian organizations.  Presently LoA is involved in Adult Literacy, preschool teacher training, educational consultation, Christian counseling, and other areas of training as needs arise in the local church.



Light of Africa

Butch also teaches in other countries in Africa.  He has taught The Elijah Challenge in Burkina Faso, Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Liberia.  He is often asked to guest preach at his student’s churches and has lead crusades in the Livingstone township as a part of the Elijah Challenge training.


Janet works with the women in rural areas and has led Sunday School teacher trainings in town.  She is available as a resource to the local churches for both women and children’s ministry.  Janet also does literacy/phonics training with children in the Livingstone area from time to time.

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