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Ropes Course


The most important thing a person can do is trust.  Trust in God.  When the development of trust has been interrupted from things outside of our control (like abuse, neglect, HIV taking your parents, poverty…) fear, anger, guilt, shame, and other roots can take hold of your thoughts and ways in which you respond or react to life situations, relationships with other and more importantly, with God.  Here at Aleph, we believe that broken or misshapen trust can be restored by God our Healer and Redeemer.


Daily devotions, prayer, praise and worship, and the Ropes Elements are integral parts of the group activities.  Beginning with God’s Word during the morning devotionals the groups will move on to more challenging activities that require cooperation and communication.  Although the daily obstacles of life are gone, ropes, trees, cables and other elements are present.  The only way to overcome these new obstacles is through teamwork.  This means everybody on the team must work together to meet the challenge.


What is Low Ropes?

Low Ropes is a series of structured physical activities designed to facilitate the exploration of communication, collaboration, risk-taking, problem solving, coaching and leadership.  Activities are low risk since the elements or activities are low to the ground.

A Transfer of Learning…The ultimate goal of the Low Ropes and Teambuilding programs is to assist participants in establishing a connection between what they have accomplished in the activities and their own potential at work, school or home.

Group reflection is built into the delivery of each low rope element.



Team building activities are tasks, games and challenges that encourage group and individual communication, collaboration, problem solving, coaching and leadership. Team building includes a variety of task-oriented activities that can be used to explore individual and group dynamics.


Why a ropes course?

When children are forced to live in an orphanage, it is quite the challenge to have them learn to respect each other, trust each other and learn to depend on God when so much hurt has brought them to this place.  Filling the “love” container with worldly answer doesn’t work.  Challenging youth and older children to live a holy life…one of sexual purity is essential to the survival of this generation.  Abstinence training is also a part of the challenge of team work and self understanding, setting goals and knowing how to achieve them by overcoming obstacles can begin with a camp offering a Biblically based ropes course and camp.



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