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1 Sure Way to Fail

A group of five of us drove out last Thursday to Mehelituna to lead a Good News Club/StarLight Kids. 45 children came and one was a small boy around 4 years of age dressed in dirty clothes. Mutema. I noticed his distended stomach, thin arms and legs and thought perhaps he had parasites. Tammie, an R.N. from the USA now volunteering with us, agreed it had to involve parasites.

IConcerned for Mutema's health, I asked Mayrub (Pastor Frank's wife) about it. She said the brother told her that the boy needed surgery to correct the problem and that there was no money for the surgery. I asked Mayrub if she would please visit Mutema's house and find out what was the real situation and we would stop by on Tuesday after teaching in Sekute to hear the report.

Today as we pulled up to the dusty little village and walked the dirt path to Mayrub's. After hearing how the child was taken to the hospital in Livingstone and told he needed an operation, the parents made the choice NOT to have the surgery because they feared the boy would die. Instead, they opted to use traditional medicine (witchcraft). Taking their desperation to the world instead of Jesus is one sure way to fail.

The parents are currently taking Mutema to another witchdoctor who is using charms to counteract the original curse. They are convinced that they are seeing some improvement.

As illogical as this dark decision may be, it is not beyond the reach of our Loving Father’s hand. He loves Mutema and He loves this family. Will you join us in prayer that when we meet with the family on Thursday, they will be open to the Gospel, for God to display that He alone has the power to heal, and to destroy the power of sin in our lives and for them to make a profession of faith in God?

Increase our faith, O, Lord my God. Give us eyes that see and ears that hear your truths for our lives.

Thank you, prayer warriors!

Mayrub (standing) with Grandmother, children.

Butch & Janet

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