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Mutema Update

Hello, Family and Friends!

It has been a long story of abuse, neglect and the pain for 4 year old Mutema. He was taken to the hospital (after a long 4 month battle and praying like crazy) that Mutema is now receiving the medical care he desperately needs. According to the Doctor’s report today, Mutema’s CT Scan shows a huge mass which seems to be attached to his kidney. Another test (intravenous nephro???) will be done tomorrow to find out if one, both or none are involved in the mass. Mutema has been referred to the Social Welfare department and they are assuming all responsibility for the costs. This is not usual but for it we are thankful!

Mutema will remain in the hospital until after surgery and that should be sometime next week. After that I am hoping that he will be placed in an orphanage that will love and care for him as raise him to love and serve God.

I am purposefully leaving out much of the backstory. This picture tells it all. Please pray for correct diagnosis, skill and abilities for the doctors attending to him, for favor from the nursing staff. Pray for Mutema’s healing and for his aftercare to go well and without complications. We are also asking for prayer for his parents to receive Christ as their Savior.

We are grateful for:

• The completion of the shelter for the Kids Ministry Group (Good News)

• Teams and individuals who have served with Light of Africa this year:

o Tammie Lee (Loving well is her specialty)

o Team ORU 2017 (incredible healing, salvation and outreaches)

o Mark Scarborough and @Water’s Edge (awesome kids ministry)

o Leah Huffstetter (Amazing ministry to kids and women)

• Salvation the first week of VBS in Maunga and Mahelituna

o 102 average daily attendance

o 21 children made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ

• Simon and Raston - Two incredible young men who have served so faithfully and diligently with us to translate and minister to women and children

• God’s grace, love and joy as He is touching so many with His love, healing and salvation

Numbers 6:24-16 "May the Lord bless you and take good care of you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord look on you with favor and give you peace."


Butch & Janet Berner

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